Confused About How To Choose The Right Filler for YOU? Read THIS!

How to Choose the Right Filler for You

How comfortable are you about your age when you look in the mirror? Are you starting to notice (and stress) more fine wrinkles or lines? Perhaps, you’ve noticed a reduction in volume in your lips or cheeks and the idea of using a dermal filler seems like a good idea, until you begin to conduct some research and get overwhelmed by the array of fillers available.

Although there are lots of fillers available, choosing the best for you isn’t as daunting as it seems. So long as you’re aware of what you’re looking for from your treatments, choosing the perfect filler is simple.

What’s Your Goal?

Step one in the search for the perfect dermal filler is probably the most obvious, but most overlooked question to ask: What do you hope this filler will accomplish, and what do you expect to gain from the treatment? Aka, what’s my goal?

In general, fillers are able to perform a variety of tasks. Fillers “fill in” lines and wrinkles that form due to gravity and loss of collagen. They also boost the volume of particular areas, such as the cheeks or lips. Sometimes fillers may provide some slight lift, assisting in making the skin loose and sagging appear firmer. In addition, many people use fillers to increase volume in their hands or mimic the results of rhinoplasty without the surgical procedure.

If your aim is to fill in thin lines, like the lines that form within the mouth area, you may prefer the filler that is made of extremely thin, sensitive form of hyaluronic acids such as Belotero.

However when you’re looking to increase the volume of your cheeks, you’ll likely require a more dense and more viscous filler like Juvederm Voluma. Juvederm is often utilized to enhance the lips, however in a different way. Juvederm Volbella is specially made for the lips. It usually gives results that last longer than the other fillers for the lips.

How Long Do You Want Results to Last?

When it comes to results, this is another factor to take into consideration when picking the right filler. Certain fillers are only good for a couple of months while others last for several years. It depends on the amount of the filler as well as how fast your body’s metabolism processes it.

Lip fillers typically produce results for a period of six months. However, as we’ve mentioned earlier an ingredient like Volbella is developed and designed to last for as long as 1 year. If you’re not sure how you’ll feel about having your lips fuller you might want to consider considering a filler with a shorter-lasting duration initially, before switching to a more durable option.

The results can be visible within a few hours of the injection or take time to develop. For instance the two injections Voluma and Sculptra can help give volume to cheeks. While Voluma gives immediate, long-lasting results the Sculptra procedure takes time. The injectable is able to stimulate collagen production in order to boost the volume. It could take several weeks or even months to see a change.

How Many Treatments Do You Want?

Another aspect to consider is the variety of treatments you’d like to get. Fillers can be combined to achieve a more refreshed and rejuvenated appearance overall such as. It’s important to remember that certain procedures require multiple injectables to get the best result. For instance, with Sculptra it could require several injections to achieve the desired results.

Do You Really Want a Filler?

Although all fillers are injections however, not all injections are one that is a filler. It’s important to remember that certain signs of age like crow’s-feet and frown lines, do not usually get treated using fillers. Botox is an injectable, is typically the most popular treatment option for these types of wrinkles.

Botox isn’t able to remove wrinkles. Instead , it block nerve signaling, stopping your body from moving in the manner which can cause the lines in the skin. If you’re irritated by Crow’s feet, it’s possible that Botox could be the right option that you should consider. It’s not just a filler.

It is also possible to mix Botox with a different type of injectable, based on your general objectives. A plastic surgeon can assist in selecting the treatment or treatment that is most suitable for you.

Choosing a Dermal Filler