Odessa Medical Spa Ready For “Ditch The Razor December” with Laser Hair Removal

Forever Young Spa, a medical spa with locations in Odessa, Midland, and Big Spring TX, is offering laser hair removal appointments at their Odessa location to help men and women both ‘ditch the razor” this December.

While “no shave November” offered men a chance to grow out their facial hair in support of cancer awareness, “ditch the razor December” is all about permanently ending our unhealthy relationship with razors, shaving creams, and most of all, skin irritation.

Forever Young Spa co-owner, Amber Young, explains the four reasons people should ditch the razor and schedule their first laser hair removal appointment:

  1. Permanent Results. Unlike shaving, laser hair removal can offer a permanent solution to hair growth for many people. For those it can’t offer a permanent solution, it can still drastically reduce the time that hair grows back, ending the daily or weekly requirement to shave in order to feel like a civilized human.
  2. Cost. Most people will spend at least 50 years of their life shaving, if not more. That’s nearly $20,000 in razors and shaving cream – not exactly where most people want to waste thousands of dollars over their lifetime, am I right? In contrast, laser hair removal can end your relationship with the razor for a fraction of that cost.
  3. Skin Irritation. Despite the best attempts at advanced razors, soothing shaving creams, and conditioners, or other “life hacks”, shaving still leaves the skin irritated more often than not. Dragging razor blades across your skin is just not conducive to good skin – shocking(!) but true.
  4. Pain. Many people think laser hair removal is far more painful than shaving, but they haven’t experienced our cool air technology that takes the sting out of laser hair removal! Compare that to the inevitable shaving nicks and skin irritation you experience on a daily or weekly basis and I think you’ll agree that shaving is actually more consistently painful than laser hair removal could ever be!

“Ditch the Razor” December is officially a thing and we’re scheduling our first laser hair removal appointment, time now, because the best Christmas present we could give ourselves is trashing our far-too-large razor and shaving cream collection and buying back some free time to catch up on the new episodes of Yellowstone!