Best WordPress Free Plugins For Your Site

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Best WordPress Free Plugins For Your Site

Many readers often ask for the best WordPress plugins for optimizing their blogs, optimizing their content, increasing hits, backups, and so on. With the right pair of WordPress plugins and themes you can greatly increase your web business. WordPress is a very popular CMS (content management system) that works similar to an online book manager. It has a simple, sleek, and intuitive user interface, and it lets you easily create, update, and manage your web site from your own computer. One of the most popular blogging platforms on the Internet, WordPress is a free solution for everyone who wants to build a powerful online presence. WordPress also supports other platforms including OSCommerce, Shopify, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento, WordPress Express, ZenCart, and more.

The purpose of this article is to teach WordPress users how to choose the best plugins for their website or blog. I will discuss six popular WordPress plugins that are available today and are essential for your success. I will also discuss why you should always go with the “free version” even if it means losing some functionality, as well as what to look for when searching for a perfect plugin.

No one likes to lose search engine traffic and/or sales because of bad optimization, and this is where the landing page builder plugin comes in handy. This plugin helps you build custom landing pages quickly and easily and then optimizes them to get you high rankings on the search engines. The best WordPress plugins allow you to build different landing pages for each category and has a unique URL template that makes it easy to configure. If you have not yet checked this out, I highly recommend that you check out the free version first and decide if you want to spend the money to buy the premium version.

One of the best WordPress plugins around is the one seo theme. This plugin will allow you to easily create custom logos for your products or services and make your prices more competitive. Most of the free WordPress themes are very bland, so I recommend that you check out the paid versions and really dive into custom logo design. There are literally hundreds of free plugins out there that can improve your website and bring it up to par with any other site.

One of the best WordPress plugins I used recently was the zip file plugin. This plugin automates the process of uploading large files from your website to your zip file. While there are literally thousands of free plugins out there, most of them do not accomplish what the best plugins will do. There are even some free plugins out there that will actually slow down your website! You need a plugin that does both uploads and downloads, and that will be as effective as possible.

WordPress users know about the million active themes, but there are a few new themes being released every day. The most popular theme among WordPress users, by far, is the W3 Total Cache utility plugin. This plugin will clean your website of unused keywords and other junk, which will save you a lot of time. Now, there are other WordPress users out there that may not have heard about the W3 Total Cache plugin, but it is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal.

Another WordPress favorite that has been on my list for quite a while is the optinmonster best lead generation plugin. This plugin will give you access to pre-built subscriber email lists. I use this plugin along with the Google Subscriber Manager (CSM) software to automate the whole subscriber list building process for me. I personally prefer to build my own subscriber list, because I feel that it takes more time for visitors to successfully optin to my list. However, both of these plugins do a fantastic job of helping you build pre-built lead lists that are targeted to your niche.

If you are looking for WordPress free plugins, then try the Google Analytics plugins. They provide you with valuable information, such as what visitors do when they land on your page. It is important to know what is important and what your visitors do not want to see. By knowing this information, you can easily make changes in your site and increase conversions. I hope you found this article helpful in determining which of the best WordPress free plugins is right for your website.