Home Builder Marketing Tips

New home builder marketing plans are difficult to come by, and sometimes you might even be having trouble developing an effective, well-thought out strategy that helps you reach your targeted audience without overspending a small fortune on advertising that doesn’t yield results. As a home builder, you know that when it comes to marketing your business, location, customer service and other important aspects matter. You also know how costly it can be to run an effective advertising campaign for your home builder website. With a limited budget, you don’t want to waste your money on targeted leads, so how do you develop a plan to effectively market your home builder websites? There are several ways to effectively market your home builder websites without spending hundreds of dollars on advertising. Here are some of the best home builder marketing ideas to consider:

home builder marketing

Build a relationship with your audience. A successful home builder marketing plan includes creating a connection with the audience that you are trying to attract. For example, if you’re working in the Denver area, you might want to build a relationship with Denver homebuyers looking for custom homes in that competitive real estate market. You can create a blog or website specifically to cater to homebuyers, give them advice on building the perfect home, answer questions they might ask and encourage them to contact you via email or phone. Build a professional relationship with Denver homebuyers by treating them like professionals-customers who deserve respect and a direct relationship that will benefit their building process.

Work with a digital marketing strategy. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a free online marketing strategy that involves using SEO techniques to boost organic traffic to websites. While organic traffic is good for any home builder marketing plan, search engine optimization is particularly helpful for home builders because it can help you get more exposure and higher search engine rankings. By optimizing your website, you will attract more potential buyers, which means more potential business.

Integrate social media into your home builder marketing plan. You can use social media-such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, StumbleUpon-to advertise your home builder business. You can also incorporate social media into your website design. With a professional website design, you can attract new buyers through social media. You can also tap into the social media conversations happening on these websites, such as connecting with Denver experts via Twitter, reaching out to Denver homeowners via StumbleUpon, and getting the attention of potential homebuyers through Facebook’s “Like” and “Share” buttons.

Tap into your target audience. If you are a new home builder, there are probably several groups of home buyers in your area. You can target these buyers through social media by creating a profile in a popular site, adding a link back to your website, and commenting on popular blogs. If you already have experience selling homes, you can comment on blogs that are written about the Denver area or homebuilders in general. The more exposure your website gets, the better chance you have of attracting new buyers.

Brand your home building companies. When you begin home builder marketing, you should brand your company as the expert in the industry. Tell everyone you know that you are an expert in new construction and then include a link to your website at the bottom of your business cards and marketing materials. Give away promotional tools that identify you as the expert in your field; this strategy helps to ensure you won’t miss any new customers.

Send out newsletters and prospect lists. Your subscribers and prospect lists can be very effective home builder marketing tools. Begin by sending these lists out to people who have shown interest in your home building business or new homes. Then, as you build new relationships with people, send out e-newsletters that include links to your websites. This strategy helps you gain leads, especially if you are sending out regular newsletters.

Offer free samples. If you are marketing for a home builder, you should always offer freebies like brochures, sample drawings, or free plans. For example, if you are preparing to construct a new condo, offer a three-week sample plan at no charge. Send this same brochure to anyone who has shown interest in your home builder marketing efforts. These are just a few examples of the many home builder marketing tips that you can use to attract possible new customers and clients.