How to Improve Your Website Load Time

The use of a website load speed monitoring tool is essential to know exactly where your website stands. You can monitor your website’s performance and identify problems before they become major issues. When you reach a website that takes forever to fully load, what does that feel like? If you’re like many of us then you probably feel frustrated or angry.

website load speed

And if you are like many of us then you are probably staying on that website until the end. This is frustrating for the website owner who is trying to make sales and increase traffic. In these times it’s not possible to please everyone. The user experience needs to be addressed and website load speed needs to be optimized. So how can you determine what your current user experience is and then optimize your website for that user experience?

One of the first things to look at is the page speed. How fast is the website load speed? A slow load time equates to slow ranking factor. If you need to increase your website ranking factor in the SERPs then your page speed has to be considered.

So how can you increase your website load speed? There are many ways to do this. Some of the ways include using content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others. Each CMS have their own features to speed up your site and also provide the user with more options to speed up your site.

Another way, which can be implemented in minutes is to remove cookies and have a proxy server. These can take up a lot of memory and slow down the website load speed. This can be done by going to your hosting provider and telling them that you want to remove all cookies from your website. They usually allow you to and will explain it to you step by step. Once they are gone, you won’t receive any more cookies. This will give your page more chance to be found by the users and increase the ranking factor.

If you don’t want to go through all of that then, another way is to use a proxy server. All you have to do is get another website on the same server that already has a proxy server and put up a blog pointing to that site. When people visit that site they will go directly to your blog instead of your web site. This will take only a few minutes and will significantly improve your page ranking. Although this will still not guarantee your site to be at the top of the list but it will make things a little bit easier.

There are still many things that you can do to improve the overall speed. If you want to get your page ranking as high as you can then it is imperative that you submit your web pages as often as possible. Doing this will allow search engines to index your pages much faster and this will make it easier for your visitors to find your site and keep coming back. The longer you wait before indexing your site the longer it will take for your page to be indexed. One-second delays in indexing will result in search engines not showing your site at all.

Another way you can reduce your load time is by using content management systems like WordPress. You can write your posts once and publish them on your blog or website. Now you have a lot less to remember as well. Now you don’t have to spend hours writing new posts to post to your blog or website. You can write one post and submit it to multiple article directories in one second, which will eliminate a lot of repeating work and will cut your load time by at least five seconds.