Importance of Website Design & Branding for Your New Website

Are you ready to unleash the website branding secrets that will catapult your website into epic proportions? Well, here’s where you begin, because, in today’s post, I’m going to reveal to you 7 killer website branding, content, and optimization tips that will really help you get epic. Plus, these are easy things you can do right now, without too much hassle. You just need a little guidance to make it all happen.

Let’s begin by defining branding. Branding involves visual elements, such as a logo or symbol, a color scheme, and business goals. All of these should be in synch with the customer’s purpose – and the website. Website branding helps to establish the unique identity for a company, thereby building customer trust. It also increases sales and visibility.

Visual consistency When there’s consistent brand messaging, customer trust develops, and loyalty grows. Visual consistency reflects what’s important. If a customer has a clear understanding that a certain logo represents your brand, then loyalty develops. Visual consistency makes a product easy to recognize and remember. That means repeat customers. With a visual website branding, a customer can easily identify what they’re buying because of a visual consistency.

Web design that’s consistent and search engine optimized Just like color, typography matters when it comes to website branding and web design. The font size, the style of the text, and its format are all important. In website branding and web design, larger fonts are usually associated with a larger typeface. The placement of the types and the color of the text help to build a website branding and web design scheme.

Visual consistency with social media Just like colors, typography, and logo placement, consistency across all components of a website branding and web design plan helps to increase branding and consistency across social media channels. Having a consistent logo and same content on all social media channels creates a successful branding strategy. A logo with a common background and color that are easy to read and understand helps to get instant attention. An attention getting logo will trigger a customer’s need for the product or service. Even if customers don’t purchase something today, they’ll remember the logo they saw and were instantly drawn to it. Branding and consistency across all media forms help customers to trust and place their trust in the brand.

Websites need to be “branded” to gain maximum exposure, but website branding and web design need to be consistent and compelling. Too many times brands that are “branded” use colors and/or graphics that are out of style and do not represent the company’s core values. Websites should be consistent, intuitive, professional, and engaging to help customers trust and have faith in the brand and company.

The most important aspect of website branding and web-design planning is making sure the brand message is clear to everyone. Customers should be able to understand, remember and associate any given brand. Colors, graphics, and fonts should be the same on each page. Each page should be unique and stand-out without being “fussy”. Even if the color on the logo is different than on every other page of the site, the colors and graphic on the top and bottom of the page should be different enough not to cause confusion.

Website branding and web design are an important tool for the new website, but branding goes much further than just creating a website with a new look. Branding is all about the way a business or product is perceived. It’s also about what people say about a company, product or service once they have gotten to know it. When a brand name becomes a household word, it has a tremendous impact on the way customers feel about that company, product or service. Online branding is a powerful marketing tool that can open the door to more new clients, increase profits, reduce costs and increase the company’s brand visibility. Businesses that are serious about their online brand should consider hiring a professional website branding company to help them create a powerful presence on the web that brings in new customers every day.