Website Speed Check – Discover How To Make Your Website Faster!

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Website Speed Check – Discover How To Make Your Website Faster!

How often have you come home from work and checked your internet speed only to be disappointed when your website load speed is the same as your dial up internet connection? When you finally get to that website, which takes forever to load, what does that feel like? If you are like most individuals then surely you experience an emotion comparable to frustration or anger. And if you frequently return to a site which makes you extremely frustrated or angry, do you then still stay on that site?

It happens more often than not. One minute everything is going great, the next the site seems to be taking forever to load. The user experience is suffering and the overall user experience on that site is poor. What is happening here is one of the most important elements in the user experience and it is being poorly implemented by website developers and designers.

We know that speed is essential for the usability and ease of navigation of a website. However, web developers have not understood the importance of speed in the webpage load speed. They have not taken into consideration the fact that poor performing websites have a negative effect on the users. This then affects the website visitor, which will result in a bad impression of that company or website. The visitors will then go on to find another provider who is able to provide a better website experience.

There are many different ways in which one can measure a website’s ability to load a page quickly. But the common practice is to use seconds and milliseconds as the measuring units. However there is a big difference between these two measurements and it is vital that all businesses, organisations and individuals to consider all the various factors which need to be taken into account when developing a website. Many of the websites available today are developed using technology which is known as ‘Flash’. Unfortunately this technology has not been developed to its optimum potential and as a result websites using Flash look absolutely terrible.

However what many users don’t realize is that Flash has the potential to create some stunning website load speeds. There are a number of techniques which are used by Flash developers in order to create extremely fast websites. For example they are able to create large number of objects within a Flash script and place them within the Flash files. However Flash also limits the amount of memory that can be used within the Flash file. As a result pages created with Flash will utilize a significantly lower amount of memory when running than pages that use other programming technologies.

In addition to using fewer objects, Flash also enables developers to use the Flex code system which allows many more things to be animated on the same page. The Flash designers are able to define how many images, lines, colours, text and other items that are to be loaded on to the screen at one time. In the past the developers of Flash websites would need to create these items one at a time in order to get an effective website speed. Today, however if you know how to use Flex code you can create complex animations quickly and without having to use a lot of memory.

A website speed checker tool known as a ‘load speed analyzer’ or ‘load speed inspector’ will allow you to see exactly where your website is performing. The load speed analyzer will display details such as the total time taken for each page to load as well as details such as whether the pages are downloading correctly or at all. In order to obtain an accurate load speed reading you should combine different types of data and compare them against each other. The data that you need to check include the number of frames that take up the web page, the number of scrolling frames and the average time taken for the page to fully load. This information will be important in allowing you to find where there is a problem and what steps need to be taken in order to improve the situation.

If you wish to speed up your website then using a free website performance analyzer tool is an ideal solution. Not only will it provide you with details on how well your site is performing, but it will also show you where you may be making improvements. For example you may have noticed that the majority of pages take longer to load than they once did. You could therefore make improvements to your website speed in order to make these pages run faster.