What You Need to Know About Bad Web Designs

Bad Web Designs on Websites: When visitors on various social networking sites come across designs like flashing graphics and excessive use of white space, they might be turned off and unlikely to visit your site or blog again. Web design is a very important aspect of Internet marketing as it is the first impression a user has of your company. A good looking web design will make your site memorable and your users will be more inclined to return. Poor design will drive them away.

bad web designs

The use of bad colors in websites: Colors play a major role in designing your web page. Many companies, including big ones, use boring, dull, and unattractive colors to their websites. This results in low click-through rates (CTR) and low conversions. Also, using dull colors can distract from the main message. If colors are chosen wisely and used appropriately, they can uplift your site’s functionality. It is important that colors must compliment the main content and not make the content seem too busy.

No use of the grid system in websites often: Using a grid system in websites often leads to a disjointed look. Most people do not like it. It is difficult to follow large sections of text, especially if these sections are on a high resolution. Also, using a grid system makes it difficult to keep track of information in large sections of text. Many businesses have been able to solve this problem by pre-designing the information in large sections and then using a grid system on their websites.

Poor Use of images in web design: Many businesses, both small and large, have been able to address the problem of bad web designs by designing websites with high quality graphics and content. Most high end graphics used in websites are vector based. Vector graphics are very easy to use in web design programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Because vector based images can be resized without a loss of quality, they are very attractive for websites.

Poor use of visual elements such as images, flash animations, sounds and text: The visual elements of a website play an important role in making it visually appealing. Graphics, Flash and animation are great for increasing the appeal of a website. However, too much of these elements can distract users from the main message and the purpose of the website. Poorly designed images, sounds and text often make a website unattractive and unappealing to the viewer.

Achieving a good web design takes at least five seconds. This is the amount of time it takes a human being to scan a webpage and decide whether or not it is worth his time. In order to achieve a good web design, you need to make sure that your website design is not longer than five seconds. To test this, search for a five-second video on YouTube and then compare the length of the video to the length of the website design.

Achieving a good web design does not mean you should overdo it with images or colors. Using too many flashy images or using an excessively vivid color scheme will make the website look bad. In addition, using too many colors or using an overly vivid font is also detrimental to the design. A website designer who overuses his or her colors or fonts often fails to consider the ratio of text to images or vice versa. A properly proportioned design is always better than an image-overloaded website design. For more information on the importance of ratios in website designs, you may check out this article titled “misconstrained design ideas”.

Achieving a bad web designs does not mean that you should immediately throw up your hands in despair. There are still a few options available to you if you want to make your websites look better than those of your competitors. One option is to hire a professional graphic designer who can help you achieve the look you want for your websites. Another option is to take advantage of services offered by social media marketing consultants, which usually offer websites in a variety of formats such as HTML, Flash, and JPG. Some of these consultants can also create 3D models of your company’s products or services for your consideration.