Why Most Web Design Fails

In most cases, the web design fails because of not following basic rules that could have been followed to create good user experience. The common mistake that most users make when using the Internet is to click on a link only to find that it takes them to another website. This is called cross-site scripting or Flash scripting in computer lingo. Although this can be fun at times, it can also lead to disastrous consequences for your website.

Let us assume that we have a simple website that allows visitors to share their personal information. We can achieve good web design by adding an option for sharing by clicking on the ‘Sharing’ icon found on the left side panel. This will bring the whole page in view and make the user aware of the sharing options available. In case they choose to share the information, they can go to their friend’s profile and upload the pictures. The picture and the link should be hyperlinked so that the visitors can go directly to their friends profile.

It is very important for every website to have good SEO or Search Engine Optimization. But, it is even more crucial for websites that allow visitors to share their personal information. If you add an option for sharing on your website, your visitors will feel very uncomfortable clicking on the link if your web design fails to provide a good user experience by providing a good navigation structure. The only way to avoid this happening is by following basic SEO rules for all your web pages.

First of all, you must have a home page that links to every single page on your site. It is very important for websites to have a home page that is search engine friendly. All the links that you put on the home page of your website should direct the visitors to the main sections where they can do further searches. Most often the links that are placed on the home page do not work and visitors come to the site without being able to find what they are looking for. This is the main reason why most web design fails. Poor functionality of the home page usually fails most of the websites.

Another major reason why most websites fail to bring good traffic is due to broken hyperlinks. In the web design fails, there is often a lot of linking on the home page but most of these links are not working properly. A broken hyperlink means that the web design failed to create the correct link to the next pages on the website. The best way to avoid this is to use a link directory that keeps track of all the links of all the websites. You can then check the hyperlinks of your website and make sure they are working properly. If you find out that majority of the links on your website are broken, you should immediately redesign your website and start the process of getting more traffic.

Some other very common web design fails, include the following. For most websites, there is a very small text on the home page that gives all the important information to the visitors. Sometimes, the visitors do not have enough patience to read all the texts and understand what the website is all about. To avoid this, most people make their home page very large in size with lots of bold keywords. However, if you do not put enough keywords on the page, then it would be very hard for the visitors to understand what the webpage is all about. So, keep the font size of the texts on the home page small.

Another very common reason why most websites fail to get a good web design is related to the user experience. Most websites do not have an efficient user experience and it does not provide the users with the required features that they are expecting. If a user finds a certain feature very helpful, but he does not find the similar feature on the competitor’s site, he will never bother to visit the competitor’s site again. This is why most search engines provide search rankings to the websites based on the user experience. So, if you want to increase the search rankings of your website, then you should make sure that the usability of the site is enhanced.

Some web design fails are due to the improper use of graphic tools and applications. The web designers usually do not understand the importance of having the right tools and applications when they are designing the website. As a result, the end product often does not look as good as it should. In addition, there are many times when the web designers make the mistake of using the wrong color combination. When the colors are not matched properly along with the background, the result is often messy and cluttered. All these errors and mistakes can be avoided by hiring an experienced web designer who has made the right strategies for making websites.