Different Kinds of Oilfield Services Tools and Gadgets


Different Kinds of Oilfield Services Tools and Gadgets

Oilfield services and equipment (OSA) industry refer generally to the oil and gas extraction and processing industry, which are the downstream energy sector. It also includes services like finding oil resources, horizontal oil well drilling, geophysical assessment, formation modeling, drilling and fracture testing, and well design and construction services. It also includes geology and environmental monitoring services. In a wider sense, it also refers to oilfield services and equipment services in the areas of petroleum exploration, which are mainly for the development of oil resources in offshore areas. In the Permian basin, these services span an area of more than 5 million acres.

One of the most popular oilfield service activities includes horizontal oil drilling or fracking. This method involves the use of hydraulic fracturing equipment. The drilling a horizontal well requires the use of various types of equipment and techniques. For instance, before drilling horizontal wells, there are some preparations that need to be made on the part of the oil company and the manpower as well.

A drilling operation can take a lot of time and there are also chances of experiencing unexpected problems. Hence, it is important for the oilfield owners to prepare themselves for possible problems that may crop up in the future and plan their operations adequately. One of the reasons why there has been an increase in the number of oilfield accidents in the past few years is because of poor planning and execution by the operators. This lack of proper planning has resulted in the equipment being unable to function properly or has not been used to its maximum capacity.

One common equipment among the oilfield equipment is the drill pipe. This equipment is used for extracting oil from beneath the ground using a drill. Some other popular types of drills are the drill heads, electric drill pipes, rotary screw drills, water drill pipes and the mobile drill trucks.

Another type of drilling equipment that is used extensively in oilfield services is the shoring pump. The shoring pump is used for securing the top of the well or the reservoir. Many well owners choose to use the shoring pump because this device can help keep the well or reservoir from falling over. The best thing about using the shoring pump is that it will prevent any kind of natural disasters from happening on the oil site. Moreover, if there are too many rigs in a certain area, then this device can help reduce the rig count down to a bare minimum.

When it comes to drilling operations, one of the most commonly used equipment in oilfield is the casing string. The casing string is also known as the tuner rope or the tuner wire. This device is used primarily as a backup for the shoring pump. This equipment is used to determine if the top of the well has been capped or not. It also helps to secure the soil surrounding the oilfield as well as help to maintain the integrity of the soil and keep it clean and free of debris.

Aside from using these gadgets for oilfield services, many companies have also found them to be useful for other purposes such as oil explorations. Some companies have discovered large deposits of natural gas within a specific geographical area. Other companies use these gadgets to explore for any kind of minerals or gas deposits that can possibly be found in an oilfield. These are just some of the uses of these devices. With the recent boom in the oil market and the continuing exploration for oil and natural gas, more companies will surely find these gadgets to be useful.

For any oilfield service provider, having a well-stocked tool box will be very helpful. A tool box should contain all the essential drilling equipment and supplies that will be needed by oilfield service providers. The type of equipment that you need depends on the type of job that you have. The list of the essential tools includes: air powered rotary tools, wire rope, safety boots, gloves, goggles, air tanks, pressure gauges, screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, drills, and the most important, lubricant. You must have the entire set, so you won’t ever have any problems when on work.