Some Quick Tips To Improve Search Engine Ranking on Google

If you want your website to be featured on Google, you need to be aware that the ranking on Google plays a crucial role. In simple words, a good ranking is a favorable relationship between two things-the first being” ranked higher than”,” ranked lower than” or simply” ranked equal to”. It doesn’t matter what other people may have to say about your site, if the first thing people notice about your site is “ranked higher than” than other similar sites, then it counts. But, ranking on Google will take time and patience.

ranking on google

The Google algorithms used are very complex and intricate, making it difficult for regular people to understand. This is one of the biggest challenges that internet marketers face these days. However, if you understand and practice the basic SEO techniques, you can improve your ranking on Google in no time. SEO is not easy but it sure isn’t rocket science either. In order to achieve good rankings on Google, there are certain techniques that you need to adopt for better SEO results:

The main objective of Google’s ranking policy is to provide a user-friendly search engine. The ranking on Google primarily depends on people search queries, more precisely, people searches conducted within the Google web pages. Therefore, to be able to make Google recognize your web pages as legitimate, you need to make sure that all keywords in your web pages are relevant and up-to-date.

Google’s ranking policy revolves around three main factors. The relevancy of the keywords, the popularity of the keywords and last but not least the natural authority of the keywords on Google’s search engine. Relevancy refers to the existence of keywords that are highly related to the topic. Popularity refers to the existence of keywords that are highly searched by users. And last but not the least the authority of the keywords are defined by Google as having an enormous amount of Google juice.

You may have noticed that when Google does a search ranking update, it mentions all of the top ranking keywords together with the most popular keyword phrase. This is done in an attempt to give Google a clue about the amount of authority the keyword has. The reason behind doing this is to provide Google with enough information so that they can update their algorithm in such a way as to improve the search ranking.

So, how are you going to improve your ranking on Google? First of all, try to use the best keywords and phrases on your page. In case you don’t have any good keywords yet, you should make some research on the topic that you want to rank on Google for. Google’s list of most-used keywords is called Google Toolbar. Check the Google Toolbar by clicking the “Google” icon at the right side of your desktop screen. Once you are there, you will notice that there are buttons for searching and researching on the toolbar, which indicate that you have keywords to place on your pages.

When researching on the right keywords that you need to use on your pages, look at what other top 10 ranking factors are associated with it. For example, if you are ranking on Google for “mall shopping,” then it is highly likely that your page will be on the first page or at least on the second page. You should also see that the most used and popular keywords are always on the first page. These keywords usually indicate that your page has great quality content.

It is also important that your webpage has lots of links pointing to it. Google uses the PR of links to gauge the trustworthiness of the page. High PR always means high quality content. Therefore, make sure that your webpage has many links coming from trusted sites that have high Google page ranks; and even if it has a low page rank on the Google search engine rankings, these PR backlinks should still increase your ranking on the search engines.