Optimizing Your Managed Cosmetic Practice Despite a Tough Economy

marketing your cosmetic medical practice

Optimizing Your Managed Cosmetic Practice Despite a Tough Economy

How do you manage and market your cosmetic medical practice in turbulent times? The recent economic downturns in the United States and Canada have been felt worldwide. The U.S. saw a 3.5% decline in GDP in the third quarter of 2021, and Canada’s economy contracted by two percentage points, at the end of last year. Both countries are currently facing difficult times due to a lack of global growth, high unemployment and a sluggish consumer spending climate. In order to survive these difficult times, many will have to expand into marketing their business.

“How do you manage and market your cosmetic medical practice in turbulent times?” Prof. Mark Appelberg, medical director of the Toronto Cosmetic Institute at Sick Kids Canada, explains, “You keep it simple. Marketing your services using traditional channels such as radio, television and print media is not as effective in today’s climate. While these traditional marketing outlets still have value, it is unlikely that they will bring in the type of clients that you are looking for.” In addition to traditional venues, the internet now serves as a reliable and affordable source of advertising and exposure for all types of businesses. In order to attract new patients, healthcare providers need to take advantage of the internet to meet their clients’ needs.

Search engine optimization (SEO) experts, including H & R Block, say that now is the perfect time for cosmetic website owners in Toronto. “The recent changes in Google’s algorithms will favor more authoritative sites that offer up-to-date information,” says Appelberg. “For instance, instead of posting up-to-date press releases about your products, you may want to consider hosting a Toronto cosmetic update meeting. This meeting could involve a guest speaker from Canada, and will provide information on SEO, social media, PPC, email marketing and other important internet marketing strategies that can be used to build a strong business presence online.

In addition to making sure your website is up-to-date, professional speakers from around the world can help you attract new patients by providing insight into Search Engine Optimization strategies. They can also provide tips on how cosmetic medical doctors can use social media, video marketing and video production to expand their client base. Toronto web design firms specializing in Search Engine Optimization in Toronto can help you optimize your site and increase its search rankings. For medical practices that want to take their website one step further, they can also discuss how using blogs, video marketing and press releases can drive potential patients to their websites.

If your medical practice in Toronto is looking for an expert speaker to handle the challenges presented by a tough economy and volatile market conditions, you should consider booking a Toronto cosmetic update meeting. “There’s nothing worse than having a conference that doesn’t go well because you didn’t really know what to expect or how to prepare,” said Dr. Mark Davidson, CEO of the Arizona-based Medical Association of Cosmetic Dermatologists. “It’s important to think ahead when business and clients are in turmoil.”

At the Augmentation Institute’s annual Facetiography Symposium, keynote speaker Dr. Robert J. Nagy, MA, PhD, president of Toronto-based independent consultancy firm Global Health Concepts Ltd., will address the issue of managing and marketing your cosmetic practice in turbulent economic times. He will be discussing the need for an entrepreneurship development program, and how he has helped medical practitioners in Toronto implement an effective enterprise structure. Specifically, he will address how he developed the comprehensive aesthetic medicine conference and how he managed to bring it to profitability. Dr. Nagy is also expected to share his personal experiences of navigating the corporate side of the cosmetic industry in the past decade.

Another renowned expert at the Augmentation Institute is Amy Waterman, MA, an assistant professor of human resources at Ryerson University. Dr. Waterman is expected to address how to be successful in spite of a tough economy by helping medical professionals find the best practices for their clients. In addition, she is expected to discuss the need for medical professionals who have created their own firms to manage all facets of their business.

The Augmentation Institute is an ideal venue for a medical professional looking to connect with other experts in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery. Located in Toronto, Canada, the Institute’s curriculum and training programs prepare students for leadership positions in both professional and non-profit organizations. This conference will serve as a touchstone for those considering starting their own company. So make sure you check out the Augmentation Institute for a motivational and informative keynote speaker next year.