Six Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Website

mistakes to avoid web design

Six Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Website

The first of the mistakes to avoid web design is overloading the website with too much information. It takes less than a page to tell if the website is complete or not. Make sure that all the details are mentioned and understandable. Too many images, too many words and too many links can confuse people and may end up reducing the overall impact of the site. Remember, the visual part of the site represents what the human being sees on the web and it is important to make the website as friendly as possible to the average user.

Another of the mistakes to avoid web design is not centering the content on one page. Web sites should contain enough information for the average person to move on to the next step in the process. People move on from one site to another every day, so don’t add unnecessary pages to your website. Adding pictures and videos can sometimes distract people away from the content of the page. Also, don’t try to make your site look like a professional business when it is clearly a personal project.

A website that contains errors usually doesn’t get any traffic. People often make these mistakes because they don’t know how to improve upon the site. Web designers are usually hired to help a company or an individual to reach the level of success that they want. When a website isn’t designed correctly, it can prevent success from reaching its full potential. Many companies have found that using professional companies helped them achieve success.

Sometimes, the first mistake to avoid web design is thinking that you can “just” add a new feature to the site. If the site already has too much information added, then think about whether you should just add the new feature or create a new page or section. Keep in mind that adding a new feature can be time consuming and may not meet the needs of the customer. Also, if the new feature isn’t going well, then deleting it may be the best solution. Creating a new site may also increase your web design costs.

Next, customers expect to find something useful when they visit a site. When the site doesn’t have what the visitor is looking for, they will go elsewhere for information. Always include clear and precise directions to the location that is listed on the home page of the site. Many mistakes to avoid web design include providing the wrong pages for directions or outdated information.

Another mistake to avoid web design is including too many graphics on the site. Graphics can draw a user’s attention away from the real purpose of the site. Professionally designed sites show off a sense of professionalism. When a person looks at a site, they should be able to focus on the content of the page.

Another common mistake to avoid web design is using text in an area of the site that is meant to be a picture. People read text more readily than they do images. Having text appear in the midst of an image can cause people to lose focus. Many companies use images to show off their company’s history or to highlight a particular product. While photos may seem like a good idea, many people find that the layout of the images makes it hard to read the text that is being displayed on the screen.

One last mistake to avoid web design is using flashing elements on a site. The average human eye does not react negatively to bright lights. However, people who suffer from glaucoma may have problems seeing anything through heavy lighting. It is recommended that you limit the use of lights on your website.